Reasons for Hope in Challenging Times - Some Muslim perspectives

Sakira Suzia

In March 2016, we had a Greencoat Forum with Dr Omnia Marzouk, President of Initiative of Change International with a panel of Muslim leaders and community workers, who spoke about what gives them hope for a successful multicultural and multifaith society.

Hope in challenging times

Dr Omnia Marzouk

Recent events in Britain and other parts of Europe have raised questions in many minds about the future of a multicultural society. Dr Omnia Marzouk, President of Initiatives of Change International, will host a panel of Muslim leaders and community workers on the theme ‘Reasons for Hope in Challenging Times – Some Muslim Perspectives’. Among the speakers will be Dr Shuja Shafi, Secretary General of the Muslim Council of Britain.

Paris November 2015

La Belle Equipe

A Muslim mother wrote: 'These attackers, they seem to forget we also are French and we stand with all our fellow French citizens against the same front, as well as in our Arabic countries. As a Muslim myself, my suffering is doubled and some time it is silent...Doubled because as a French person I suffer, and because these attackers act in the name of my religion.' Charles Danguy, who lives in Lorraine in the area known as the three borders area (France, Luxembourg and Germany), asks'Where have we gone wrong if so many young French have to go to Syria to find a purpose in life and a decent or meaningful place?'

Ten ways to protect the honour of the blessed Prophet Muhammad (S)

Ajmal Masroor

The attack on the Paris based satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has left 12 people dead and the trail of destruction that has been left behind is colossal. The repercussion of their brutal and terrorist attack will reverberate in the hearts of people for decades. This is a despicable act of cowardice and grotesque attack on all our freedom.

From interfaith dialogue to multifaith collaboration

Peter Riddell

In these extracts from a talk to The Dialogue Society, Oxford, Peter Riddell describes some of the discoveries he has made during his years working to build trust between British, Europeans and the Muslim world.

An Arab Peace Movement?

Muslims and Christians worldwide share the same set of fundamental values: the respect of human life and of human dignity. Being serious about these beliefs implies change. There needs to be a wide joint appeal by religious and moral authorities to stop violence, as violence paves the way for more violence and future conflicts.

Parisians Counter Fear and Xenophobia Through ‘Dialogue Circles’

Paris suburbs may have been rocked by riots last year and in 2005. But according to a French group visiting London, the way to counter fear and xenophobia is through ‘dialogue circles’.

'The Imam and the Pastor' shown in Nottingham Sixth Forms

Musa Aliyu, a PhD student from Nigeria, and Howard Grace, co-ordinator of the Initiatives of Change Schools Service, facilitated sessions in eight Nottingham Sixth Forms during the three days from 6 to 8 November.

Bradford's Muslim Leaders see Film of Community Reconciliation

The leaders of Bradford Council of Mosques and students at Bradford University, West Yorkshire, see The Imam and the Pastor film.


Mary Lean

With all the pressures we put upon ourselves in this achievement-driven world, it’s sometimes a struggle to hang onto the truth that God delights in us, just as we are.