Providing a low-cost solution for amputees in Colombia

Merel Rumping

‘We want to help 25,000 people with disabilities by 2021’, said Merel Rumping, who spoke to a captivated audience on Tuesday 20 February, at the London centre of Initiatives of Change. The focus of her talk was about founding LegBank, a social enterprise providing life-saving prosthetics to land mine victims in Colombia.

Social entrepreneurship - going out on a limb

Merel Rumping with a landmine victim in Colombia who has been helped by LegBank

You are warmly invited to a Stories of Trust event on Social Entrepreneurship. Merel Rumping is the founder and team leader of LegBank, a social enterprise which aims to increase access to affordable, qualitative prostheses for low-income amputees, particularly in emerging economies. Launched in 2014, LegBank is conducting trials in Colombia, thanks to Merel’s previous experience of living and working there, where she learnt about the problems that amputees face in accessing prosthetics.