Reflections on Asia Plateau

Luke Addison reflects on the School for Change makers 2018 sponsored trip to the Asia Plateau 50th anniversary celebrations.

Glamping in Greencoat

2017 School for Changemakers (Panisha Pandoria on right)

A personal reflection by Panisha Pandoria on the recent School for Changemakers training in Cross Cross-cultural communication.

The School for Changemakers

School for Changemakers 2016

Luckily for the world, there are people out there who are pushing through all the negativity, fear mongering, and hatred that bombards us and using it as a springboard for change. Philippa Watts says that she was fortunate enough to meet some of these people this weekend at the School for Changemakers, run by Initiatives of Change. Krish Raval, Denny Braggins and their team pulled together 50 young people interested in social justice, and a whole spectrum of speakers and workshop leaders to motivate and inspire us.

School for Changemakers Summer Conference 2015

School for Changemakers 2014

From Friday 3 July to Sunday 5 July, the School for Changemakers (SfCM) held a summer conference at Initiatives of Change centre in London. The theme was ‘A change in human attitudes and behaviours’ which was addressed through a structured programme of talks, workshops, community group discussions and quiet time.

Paving the way for change: School For Changemakers 2014 summer conference

School for Changemakers 2014

As part of the School for Changemaker’s annual summer conference, 64 young people gathered from all across the UK and beyond at Liverpool Hope University to take part in an intensive, 3-day event entitled ‘Leading for Change’. Laura Noble, a participant, gives her personal account and impression of the 2014 conference.

Igniting the flames of positive change at the School for Changemakers 2013

School for Changemakers 2013 group photo

Liverpool Hope University hosted a four day residential programme in June 2013, bringing people together and inspiring positive change in their lives. Now in its fourth year, School for Changemakers has a growing alumni which consists of a multicultural, multigenerational mix of people – all of whom are eager to investigate the power of change from a variety of perspectives.

School for Changemakers 2010

School for Changemakers 2010

When Professor Gerald Pillay, Vice-Chancellor of Liverpool Hope University asked Initiatives of Change to deliver ‘Caux on Campus’ in Liverpool, it led to the birth of a ‘School for Changemakers’. His idea was to offer his students an experience that would be as inspiring to them as he himself had found at the Initiatives of Change conference centre in Caux, Switzerland.

Young people explore George Harrison's old house, other faiths and the practise of quiet times

Each person started by clearing up outside their own front door

Changemakers sharing and exploring: A Photo Essay by Charlotte SawyerWhat does it mean to explore and share each other's faith, ideas of quiet time and inner peace and George Harrison's house at the same time?

Young people exploring personal change at School for Changemakers 2012

Participants at a plenary

Chris Evans shares his impressions of the 2012 School for Changemakers summer conference, which took place June 22-24 at Liverpool Hope University.