Go local to counter the negative effects of globalization

Economics of Happiness speakers

The world needs an ‘economics of happiness’ to guarantee human and ecological sustainability at the local and global levels. This was the message from speakers at a forum on The Economics of Happiness held in London on 14 September. Economic activity needed to move from the disruptions caused by globalization towards ‘localization’, supporting local communities, they said. Localisation meant fostering and investing in local communities as a key to the world’s ecological, financial and social sustainability.

Review of 'Great Company' in Lanka Monthly Digest

The August edition of Lanka Monthly Digest, a leading business magazine of Sri Lanka, has published a full-page review of Mike Smith's book 'Great Company'.

How businesses are responding to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals

The business community had welcomed a ‘very inclusive process’ in drawing up the UN Sustainable Development Goals, said Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, Vice-Chair of the United Nations’ Global Compact (UNGC), speaking in Caux, Switzerland on 6 July. The former Chairman of the Royal Dutch Shell Group and Anglo-American mining corporation was addressing a discussion workshop on ‘the ethical business response to the SDGs’, during the Caux conference on Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy.

TIGE stories: Ethical leadership and governance in finance

TIGE participants

Financial inclusion: a right, or a privilege? Jaime González Aguadé, President of the National Banking and Securities Commission, and Enno Schmidt, MD of the Enterprise Economy & Art presented their methods of using finance as a tool for empowerment. They were addressing the CAUX TIGE 2016 Conference on the 8 July 2016.

TIGE Caux 2016 stories: New business and economic models

Professor Alexander Schieffer,

How an integral, green approach is helping to transform the Slovenian economy.

TIGE Caux 2016 stories: Economy for the Common Good

TIGE participant

Tony Bradley, Director of the Social and Ethical Enterprise Development Centre at Liverpool Hope University, and Naomie Lucas, founder and CEO of Southern Wicked Beverages LLC, kicked off the first full day of the Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy (TIGE) 2016 Conference on 6 July with a plenary on Economy for the Common Good.

Launch of Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy conference in Caux

Mark Moody-Stuart TIGE 2016

Opening the Caux conference last night on Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy, speakers Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, vice chairman of the UN Global Compact, and Laurence Cockcroft, co-founder of global anti-corruption coalition, Transparency International, talked about the corrosive effect of corruption on societies and on people’s trust in businesses.

Green Danes examine Pillars of Trust in the global economy

Participants at talk on Pillars of Trust in the global economy, Copenhagen, 28 May 2016. (Photo: Mike Smith)

Denmark is the world’s least corrupt country, according to the annual corruption perception index drawn up by the anti-bribery watchdog Transparency International. It is also one of the most environmentally aware nations. When 20 people met in the Initiatives of Change residential centre in Copenhagen on 28 May they looked at how to encourage the values that build trust in the economy.

Transforming communities in Manchester and Glasgow: ethical values in social entrepreneurship

Ian Monteague, Chair of Glasgow charity FARE (Family Action in Rotherfield and Easterhouse)

Manchester Metropolitan University’s Cheshire Campus, Crewe, hosts ‘inspirational’ TIGERoadshow, attended by social entrepreneurs, small business owners, students and academics

The Economics of Happiness

Economics of happiness

A partner event hosted jointly by Local Futures, Global Hub and Initiatives of Change. The seminar's speakers are Helena Norberg-Hodge, a pioneer of the new economy movement and recipient of the Right Livelihood Award and the Goi Peace Prize; Lawrence Bloom, a former chairman at UNEP and at the World Economic Forum; and Diego Isabel La Moneda, founder of Global Hub for the Common Good. Helena’s film The Economics of Happiness will also be screened and, in discussion with the audience, the speakers will explore how we can sustainably meet both human and ecological needs by going local.