Creating hope in the heart

The Hope in the Heart team

Hope in the Heart CIC is the latest initiative to join the Initiatives of Change UK Sustainable Communities programme. Founded in Penzance in February 2013 by Tam Martin Fowles, Hope in the Heart aims to inspire people to overcome adversity, live with compassion, and understand their place in the global community.

Music for Cities goes to Caux

Working together

On the evening of 18 July 2014, something unusual happened at Caux, the international conference centre of Initiatives of Change in Switzerland. A young, up and coming band of musicians, from inner city Manchester took centre stage to perform to an international audience.

A Shero’s journey: Enabling change for leadership

Listening to each other

As part of Women’s History Month, a dynamic, experiential, leadership training programme took place at Initiatives of Change UK, from 25 March to 6 May, where sessions were held over six consecutive Tuesdays. Mainly based in London, 20 women from Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities participated, representing a rich ethnic mix of Somali, Eritrean, Pakistani, Afghani, Bengali, African Caribbean, Egyptian, Filipino and Ethiopian women.

North London council leaders support action to build trust across generations

Project Manager Amina Khalid (l) with Haringey Mayor Sheila Peacock

A pilot project to promote dialogue between the generations in three North and East London boroughs has just ended, devised by British Somalis of the charity Somali Initiatives for Dialogue and Democracy, in partnership with Initiatives of Change. The presence of senior political leaders from Hackney, Haringey and Islington testified to the importance they attach to it.

A Mind Apart: opening hearts and minds through performing arts

The teenage performance group having singing tuition

An innovative training and education initiative, entitled 'A Mind Apart', based in Sheffield, England, is helping many young people who are challenged and troubled by formal education. Using a mixture of performing arts, A Mind Apart works with around 200 young people every week, helping them deal with behavioural problems and improving learning skills.

Edventure: creating sustainable futures for young people

End of year celebrations

Edventure was started two years ago by two enterprising young adults and focuses on young unemployed adults. Frome as a community is benefiting from the enthusiasm and skills that these young adults bring with them and there is a sense of excitement within the town about the possibilities that lie ahead.

‘Peace Begins at Home’ intergenerational dialogue workshop

Whole group session in progress

Over 30 participants from diverse backgrounds and ages came together in February to participate in an inspiring weekend workshop entitled ‘Peace Begins at Home’ in the London Borough of Haringey.

Lights for Peace and Development

Christopher in Zambia does not have to fall back on his homework

Joseph Karanja has never forgotten the poor and dispossessed in his home area of Eldoret, which in 2007 was the epicentre for inter-tribal violence following presidential and parliamentary elections. Under Joseph’s initiative, solar lights were trialled in Munyaka, a very poor part of Eldoret. Solar lights have been one of the tools used to help transform this community. Remarkable progress has been made in addressing the need for education, employment and income generation, but most significantly this would not have been possible without a strategy to create peace and reconciliation within the community.

The Copperdale Trust: A home with hope

Ann and Terry Panks

A remarkable couple, living in one of the most deprived communities in Britain, is using their family home to help serial young offenders. Located in Wythenshawe, described by the local press as ’the violence capital of Manchester’, Ann and Terry Panks have made an impact where government authorities have struggled.

Music for Cities: an unusual musical evening

 Hallé St Peter's

The recently restored and renamed Hallé St Peter’s in the heart of Manchester, normally resonates with the classical sounds of the Hallé symphony Orchestra’s rehearsals. But on 21 November it thundered to the sound of rock legends, who worked together to deliver a spectacular musical event. Some 200 people attended the second Music for Cities event, organized by the community initiative, United Estates of Wythenshawe, supported by the prestigious Hallé. They experienced a unique collaborative event, marked by spontaneous interactions between the bands and the audience.