Social entrepreneurship in the global economy

What does it mean to have trust and integrity in the global economy? On Sunday, 22 July, the morning plenary at Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy in Caux, Switzerland, focused on ethical economics and social entrepreneurship in two vastly different sectors.

Tackling earth’s degraded land: human behaviour as a cause and cure

'Land is a matter of life and death,’ said Don de Silva, CEO of Changeways International, UK, speaking at the TIGE conference in Caux, Switzerland, on 19 July. He was introducing IofC initiatives on degraded lands and their repercussions on socio-economic conditions of adjoining areas.

Restoring trust in banking – two UK financial leaders speak out

‘We lost sight of our values - with an “s” - in the rigorous focus on financial value,’ said Lady Susan Rice, the Managing Director of Lloyds Banking Group in Scotland, speaking today at a conference in Switzerland on ‘trust and integrity’. Rice is the first woman in Britain to head a national clearing bank, and Lloyds is now the largest banking group within the UK. Rice was speaking on ‘restoring trust in banking and financial services’ at the ‘Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy’ conference at the Initiatives of Change centre in Caux, Switzerland.

Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy - 'A sense of urgency'

As financial scandals daily make the headlines in many countries – and not just in the business pages - Margaret Heffernan, well-known entrepreneur and author, opened the ‘Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy’ conference at the Initiatives of Change centre in Caux this evening. She expressed ‘a tremendous sense of urgency’ about the need to ‘salvage our institutions from the infernal combustion of money, power and competition before it’s too late’.

Initiatives of Change International has a new President: Dr Omnia Marzouk

Omnia Marzouk

Originally from Egypt and having lived most of her life in Australia and Britain, Omnia Marzouk (known to many as ‘Mona’) has been working as Consultant in Paediatric Emergency Medicine for 15 years at the UK’s busiest Children’s Emergency Department – Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool. She served as Clinical Director of the Emergency Department for seven years during which time it was twice recognized as hospital ‘Team of the Year’ for innovation.

An Arab Spring to change the financial system?

‘Vested interests and the power of the financial lobby seem to have won the day, and nothing seems to have really changed,’ said Paul Moore, the former head of group regulatory risk at Halifax Bank of Scotland HBOS, internationally known as ‘the HBOS whistle-blower’. He was speaking at the opening of the ‘Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy’ conference in the Initiatives of Change centre in Caux, Switzerland, this evening. A far-reaching reform agenda of the financial system needed to be backed by an ‘Arab Spring’ of public opinion, he said.

Colwells/Allen Caux Concert DVD now available

Colwells/Allen Caux Concert DVD

A wonderful 95-minute DVD of the concert given by the Colwell Brothers and Herb Allen at Caux on August 14, 2010, is now available from Caux Books, at CHF 20, plus postage. The film, shot with four cameras, was edited by Ian Corcoran, and makes you feel like you were there!

2010 Caux Challenge

Caux Challenge graphic

The Caux Challenge is a fresh campaign for individuals and teams who want to raise funds towards the programme of the Caux Forum for Human Security.

Indian Corporation Spells out Green Credentials at Trust and Integrity Conference

A senior executive of a leading Indian corporation today told how his company is ‘going green’ to meet environmental and climate change challenges. Rajeev Dubey, member of the Group Management Board of the Mahindra & Mahindra automotive and tractor company, also told how the group is committed to the education of disadvantaged children, particularly girls, as part of its social commitment.

Educating for a Changing World – UK Educator Attacks ‘Dictatorship of Self-Interest’

Gerald J. Pillay, Vice-Chancellor and Rector of Liverpool Hope University, UK gave a lecture in Caux, the IofC international conference centre in Switzerland, on ‘Educating for Change’.