'Business as UNusual ... because values are as important as value'

Lady Susan Rice, MD of Lloyds Banking Group opened the Edinburgh Roadshow
Lady Susan Rice, MD of Lloyds Banking Group opened the Edinburgh Roadshow


TIGERoadshows (Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy) encourage entrepreneurs, social business owners and organisations to reflect on their business with fresh eyes. The Roadshows draw together high profile presenters, corporate delegates, social entrepreneurs and other business stakeholders around the topic of restoring trust and integrity in business and economic life.

The purpose of the Roadshow is to:

  • Equip participants with practical tools and moral and ethical frameworks for use in their places of work.
  • Help businesses connect moral values with the value that is brought by boosting profit, increasing trust and developing societal equity.

Previous one-day TIGERoadshows have been held in LiverpoolSheffield, Edinburgh, London and Crewe.

For more information about our TIGERoadshows, you can watch a short video clip, read what our participants say and see our last event programme here.

TIGERoadshow principles:

1) The role of the individual in changing business behaviour and corporate culture. The notion that each person has a unique contribution to make.
2) ‘Intuitive intelligence’ as an essential tool of good business practice. The notion of the inspiration that comes from ‘conscience-based’ decision making, Steve Jobs called the ‘inner voice’.
3) The need for moral and ethical values in decision-making. The notion that honesty, integrity and care for all stakeholders are important in their own right.
4) The idea that how business, services and entrepreneurship are carried out affects outcomes. The notion that, far from the ends justifying the means, the best means determine the best ends.
5) The understanding that business, services and entrepreneurship exist to meet the needs of all people in society and not just the shareholders. The notion that profit is the consequence of doing the right thing.

We are seeking our next partner to implement a TIGERoadshow in 2016, if you are interested or know an individual, organisation, company or University that might be interested in partnering on such an event, please get in touch.


TIGE Talks

TIGE Talks are themed events open to the public with high profile people presenting their personal stories and experiences of trust and integrity in the economy. TIGE Talks engage the audience in honest conversations to increase awareness and be a catalyst for networking and collaboration. Previous events have included:

TIGE Talks are held at Initiatives of Change UK’s HQ in 24 Greencoat Place, London, SW1P 1RD. They are free events; a collection towards expenses is made at the end of the evening. To see which future events are planned click here.


International TIGE Conference

An annual five day summer conference on ‘Trust and Integrity in the Global Economy’ is held at the Initiatives of Change centre in Caux, Switzerland. TIGE is an annual conference, and an international movement. It is a platform for all stakeholders in the global economy, who wish to inspire, connect and encourage businesses and individuals to act according to their core values, and contribute to an equitable society and humane world.

Participants come to listen to world-renowned presenters, join work-stream discussions, and share experiences and insights with others from across the globe. Among those, who have participated at TIGE are: Kofi Annan (former Secretary General of the UN), Joe Garner (former Deputy Chief Executive of HSBC), R. Gopalakrishnan (Executive Director, Tata Sons), Christine Gowatudde Kintu (Permanent Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister of Uganda),  Rudolf Ramasauer (Vice-President, Nestle) and others. 

The focus is on strengthening the motivations of care and moral commitment in economic life and thinking. The TIGE Caux conference acknowledges that each person has something to contribute in building a just, peaceful and sustainable world.

The next TIGE conference, ‘Catalysing new models of economic leadership’ will run from 5 – 10 July 2016. The aims are:

  • Illuminate and connect initiatives and models of the new economy
  • Facilitate inquiries into the essential aspects of the world’s economic future
  • Create a space for individuals to connect to their authentic self

For reports from the annual conferences, please visit our Resource page.