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26 January, 2017

Célia Demoor, a community peacebuilder and researcher, gave the first U.K screening of Voices of Migrants at a Greencoat Forum on Monday 23 January. The films by Célia Demoor and Olivier Cousin collected testimonies of people who lived in The Jungle camp in Calais, France before it was torn down in October 2016. 

Demoor who grew up in Calais founded the DEEP (Dialogue, Empathic Engagement, and Peacebuilding) Network in France. The network is a global community of peace workers, researchers and policy makers committed to a sustainable and peaceful world.

Beyond mere interviews, these testimonies arose from everyday life moments shared with the people of the camp. 

Celia spoke fondly of the people that she met and had got to know as she heard first hand the harrowing conditions they faced while fleeing from war-torn and unstable countries. 

During Omar's interview he shared his harrowing journey that took him from his native Afghanistan to Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy, France and then the UK. He was deported after seven years. He explained that they hadn't seen their family for months and we're sure if they were alive or not. 

'We have been here for three months,' explained Muzab and Ali from Sudan, during an interview with Demoor.

Like a prisoner follows Ahmad, who escaped the war in Syria after being held in prison after his brother was killed by ISIS. 'I want freedom and justice', Ahmad said.

Demoor explained that these testimonies can be seen all over Europe, not just in Calais. Demoor, who grew up in in the town, said that people had been seeking refuge in camps throughout Northern France for over 15 years but in smaller numbers.

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