Thursday, May 25, 2017 - 19:00 to 21:30

Women creating peace: Inspire, equip, connect

What builds and destroys peace?

11 May – 29 June 2017, Thursday Evenings

Connect with like-minded women in the UK and be part of a movement that has a passionate interest in seeing women enabled as peacemakers across the globe. These evenings will give women an understanding of Creators of Peace in the UK. You are warmly invited to join an eight-week evening series with women from all backgrounds, ages, cultures who are seeking the opportunity to become more empowered, inspired, and hopeful in our current global climate. Come participate, learn, discuss, grow, share your story, and explore what it means to be a creator of peace in your own lives, families, communities and nations.

Topics explored:

  • What is peace?

  • Circles of concern and hope

  • What builds and destroys peace?
  • Qualities and strategies of a peace maker
  • Inner Peace

  • Inner Listening

  • The power of forgiveness
  • Listening to others

  • Putting peace into action

£100 for the full training

Donations welcome (Bursaries available)
. We aim to be accessible to all, if you are unable to pay, please discuss this with the team upon arrival.


Each session will be facilitated in the style of a ‘talking circle’, where all voices are respectfully heard, and establishing shared values will allow us to explore diverse perspectives. We will engage in interactive activities to stimulate thought around women and peace building, followed by guided times of personal reflection on the topic of the day, followed by a tea, cake and story- sharing. No more than 13 women in the space. Bring your slippers, grab a cup of tea and let’s connect, inspire and equip one another towards becoming peace builders, starting with ourselves.


Initiatives of Change Centre, 12 Norham Road, Oxford OX2 6SF

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